We are in the center of Marbella, in the south of Spain. We receive patients from 200 countries, because we offer highest standard, top technology medical devices, advanced treatments and scientific medical approach FOR THE MOST SERIOUS AND DIFFICULT TO SOLVE CONDITIONS, BEING ABLE TO OFFER ALTERNATIVES TO SURGERY OR PROVIDING COMPLEMENTARY SUPPORT. With the support of biological specialists, and a prestigious team of doctors trained in medicine and avanced surgery.

WE ARE PIONEERS IN SPAIN WITH CELLULAR MEDICINE, using advanced technology devices and no side effects. We rely on our experience and knowledge in cellular Medicine.Most of illnesses can be prevented simply by examining what is happening in our organism, in real time upon blood Cells. Just one single drop of blood, It is based on the examination of cells through Microscopes of over 60.000 magnifications ,To discover what is happening within the body and find the origin of illnesses (cellular defects) IN REAL TIME. Therefore, it is possible to achieved an important aid to apply the best treatment for a patient.

THE SO CALLED CHRONIC ILLNESSES .We have the best results in: Cardiovascular, viral, osseous, muscle illnesses, fibromyalgia, obesity, osteoarthritis, hepatic, digestive, asthma neurological diseases like alzheimer, autism...

degenerative illnesses like cancer, and other chronic illnesses usually known as incurable. Patients can be treated and even cured using our techniques, which is supported by conventional lab tests. A great aid to discover the origin a disease and recommend personalized treatments, without any side effect.

TO TREAT AND PREVENT ILLNESSES EVEN MANY YEARS IN ADVANCE. Illnesses of genetic origin, can also be prevented and avoided, or even eliminated at the beginning, discovering a small pathologic activity at cellular level.

ElIMINATION OF RISK FACTORS.This happens before the illness is developed EVEN YEARS IN ADVANCE.

ELIMINATION OF VIRUS,BACTERIA..SUCH AS BORRELIA (LYME DISEASE) are seen through microscope in real time, and treated successfully by protocols combining devices with frequencies, and biological treatments.

With the aim of offering definitive solutions for any organic disorder. And the support of advanced medicine and 5th generation technology. Orthopaedic and neurological techniques using stem cells. Advanced surgical solutions. Protocols in combination with regenerative devices.



Our clinic has agreed with all sorts of hospital medical tests, surgeries and conventional cancer treatments can not be performed in our clinic and income if necessary and patients can make use of the advantages of their own health insurance, always under the control of our specialists from CMH CLINIC.

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  CENTRO MEDICO HILU - Phone: +34 951 196 595 - Email: info@centromedicohilu.com